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BBQ Restaurants in Kansas City

Years of BBQ



Kansas City



What makes it Kansas City ‘Que?

Amazing Smoked Meats

It all starts with finest cuts of beef, pork, chicken, turkey, or whatever you’ve got. Kansas City BBQ isn’t generally associated with a single meat like Beef with Texas Style or Pork with North Carolina Style.

Inspired Sauces

Kansas City BBQ traditionally uses a sweet tomato based sauce with a molasses consistency. But from those guidelines a world of unique creations have sprang forth that now define what people think when they hear “BBQ sauce”.

Creative Sides

For many, BBQ is all about the meat and only the meat. But a true barbecue connoisseur knows that the sides can take a meal from good to great, and some of Kansas City’s iconic restaurants are just as well known for their beans, fries, or mac and cheese as anything else.